About Us

  • RentersLand.com is a website created by an industry leading Real Estate Broker who truly understands renting apartments.  She has been working on both sides for almost 20 years. 

  • This website was born out of necessity. We here at RentersLand saw a broken system and have fixed it. We will continue to grow and improve.

  • Thee major problem that has plagued the rental industry is the lack of communication and caring . Owners show their apartments dozens of times and become frustrated dealing with uncertainty , window shoppers and the lack of transparency from potential renters. Renters fear they won't be accepted without seeing the owner and selling themselves when they meet.

  •  Our RENTERS PROFILE PAGE  where you can upload all of your documents, proof of income and write a story about yourself or situation. Adding pictures of you or your family provides the personal touch that puts your best  foot forward in the rental process .

  • Our SINGLE APPLICATION FEE  allows you to complete 1 application only 1 time. You will be able to quickly and easily shop your application to all apartments on our site with no extra charge. 

  • Owners/Landlords/Agents are able to shop for you. Which means you can be applied to and have offers made to you. You are the Renter and you deserve RESPECT. You are needed.


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