All Renters.

All Owners/Landlords/Property Managers/Leasing Agents and more.

RentersLand was created for everyone. The more vacant apartments we have on our site. This will create more of a demand for Reneters applying and searching. When Renters apply this will create action for more apartments.

To everyone LISTING your properties on  RentersLand. The rule is... You accept a Renter from us, you refund their application fee(s) off thier 1st months rent.

To all the Renters applying. The rule is.... You have to submit your documnents: Pay stubs, Id and more to your profile page. Your profile page always private and never shown to the public.

RentersLand has no gimmicks, no extra fees, no Broker fees. We are to the point and we get the job done.  We work together and everything and anything is possible.

Any question please email me 

Thank you,

Owner/ Marla Cicchino :)




All emails will be read by the owners and are very important while we are growing. Your opinion matters and we want to hear your thoughts and ideas

Please email us any questions you have so we can better serve our customers. 




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